[SEPTEMBER 22, 2012]

Joe Muldoon was in to sing and record “Love’s Gonna Do It Again”, recorded, mixed and produced at Loud Neighbors Sound.

Watch Joe’s video here.


Vocals & Song Credit: Joe Muldoon
Additional Vocals: Linda Muldoon
Electric Bass, Additional Vocals, Percussion, Engineering & Mastering : Dik Hedlund
Piano, Synth, Electric Guitar, Additional Vocals, Drums & Percussion, Mastering: Jordan Hedlund

[AUGUST 19, 2012]

Just completed all the mixing and mastering of Bryan Olds‘ new album, Three Summers. Get it on iTunes here.


Guitar, Vocals & Song Credit: Bryan Olds
Keys, Additional Vocals: Eric Lovold
Electric Bass: Tarek Makky
Mixing and Mastering: Jordan Hedlund

 [JULY 9, 2012]


Today we were part of the small original creative team that convened for a closed final showing of Home Place Minnesota, an object theater presentation at the Minneota History Center.  Originally slated for a 3-6 month run, the show only recently wrapped up after running for 19 years.  Media Consultant Mike Mouw estimates more than 1 million audience members passed through more than 20,000 shows.  Home Place Minnesota premiered with the opening of the Minnesota History Center and was the longest running presentation there…     with original music and audio design by Loud Neighbors Sound.

A tidbit on the technology of Home Place Minnesota.

 [JUNE 26, 2012]

Arrr, matey!  The Science Museum of Minnesota is currently running Real Pirates, an exhibition showcasing the exploits of 18th century pirates, with voices and sound effects by Loud Neighbors Sound.

(Pay special attention to the battle surrounding the Capture of the Sainte Marie!)

More information at http://www.smm.org/pirates/about.  
Real Pirates runs through Monday, September 3, 2012.


Voice: Bob Malos
Engineering & Sound Design: Dik Hedlund

 [MAY 12, 2012]
Check out the Gangster Tour at Landmark Center.  This tour explores the lives of gangsters during the prohibition era in St. Paul, and features voices, sound effects and original music from Loud Neighbors Sound.

More information at http://www.landmarkcenter.org.

 [APRIL 15, 2012]

Inside the architecturally-stunning University of Minnesota’s McNamara Alumni Center is the presentation Honoring Our Heritage, a permanent exhibit showcasing the University’s alumni and accomplishments with voices, sound effects and original music from Loud Neighbors Sound.

More information at http://www.minnesotaalumni.org/s/1118/images/editor_documents/honoring-our-heritage.pdf.

 [MARCH 14, 2012]

Robin Scholer was in the studio doing a great rendition of Kelley Hunt’s “Oxygen”.


Vocals: Robin Scholer
Guitar: Dave Burkart
Saxophone: Brian Gallagher
Electric Bass & Engineering: Dik Hedlund
Drums, Keys, Horn Arrangement & Engineering: Jordan Hedlund

 [FEBRUARY 24, 2012]

Artist Joe Muldoon was here once again, recording new music!  Here is an excerpt from one of his new songs “Rumblin’ Roads”,  recorded, mixed and produced at Loud Neighbors.

Joe Muldoon can be heard on SoundClick here.


Guitar, Vocals & Song Credit: Joe Muldoon
Additional Guitar, Additional Vocals, Electric Bass, SFX & Engineering: Dik Hedlund
Drums, Keys, Electric Guitar: Jordan Hedlund

 [JANUARY 18, 2012]

Rob Bjornson came in to record his new song “Fallen”:


Guitar, Vocals & Song Credit: Rob Bjornson
Piano, Bass, Drums, Additional Vocals, Strings and String Arrangement, Engineering & Production: Jordan Hedlund
Cello, Additional Vocals: Christian Bjornson

 [DECEMBER 20, 2011]

Artist Lizzy Rain was in the studio to record “Bells of the Basilica”, her new Christmas single! 

The single can be found on CDBaby here.


Piano, Vocals and Song Credit: Lizzy Rain
Guitar: Mark Knoll
Trumpet: Zack Lozier
Additional Vocals: Lily Provenzano
Electric Bass & Engineering: Dik Hedlund
Drums, String Arrangement & Engineering: Jordan Hedlund