[APRIL 12, 2020]
A Quarantine Jam from us to you.  Mixed and mastered at Loud Neighbors Sound.

Guitar:  Trevor Wiest
Trumpet, Sax, Trombone:  Riley Helgeson, Lu Sarmiento, Scott Agster
Mixing, Mastering Bass, Piano, Drums: Jordan Hedlund


[JULY 23, 2016]
Lindsay Pedalty was in recording new tunes, with Bruce Pedalty and the Loud Neighbors Sound house band.
Vocals: Lindsay Pedalty
Piano: Bruce Pedalty
Drums, Accordion: Jordan Hedlund
Bass, Engineering: Dik Hedlund



 photo dikboard_zpsrn2jvowr.jpg[SEPT 27, 2015]
Bergstrom Jewelers has the new “Hearts on Fire” diamonds!  Perfectly cut diamonds with perfectly cut :30 spots for Pandora Radio by Loud Neighbors Sound.


[AUG 13, 2015]
Amy Stockhaus: How to Make Friends in NYC, with Music by Loud Neighbors Sound.
Amy needed a score for her comedy video fast, and we delivered: from first view to mixed and mastered in under three hours.  Amy’s video is currently featured as Sketch of the Week on online comedy community @hellogiggles.

[MAY 2, 2015]
Christian Bjornson is in again, with another bass drum-centric masterpiece. Dusted off accordion.
Guitar, Vocals, Cello, Bass Drum, Song Credit: Christian Bjornson
Banjo, Vocals: Rob Bjornson
Accordion, Bass, Vocals, Mixing and Mastering: Jordan Hedlund
Trumpet: Kevin McCraine

[FEBRUARY 16, 2015]
The Legendary Percolators.

The Percolators were at Loud Neighbors Sound cutting the best demos.

Drums, Vocals: Hans Gasterland
Guitar: Marc Partridge
Bass: Dave Elmeer

[NOVEMBER 12, 2014]
Trying out Ableton for upcoming projects.

It has the visual appeal of Windows 95…but it does possess some mighty fine reverb.

[OCTOBER 25, 2014]
Dik and Jordan Hedlund perform a dueling electric bass arrangement of Sir Duke at SJA Cabaret 2014. 


arr. Jordan Hedlund
feat. Joe Chouinard, Shannon Pierce, Rich Manik, Jim TenBensel, Daryl Boudreaux, Pete Johnson, Lee Vague, Dik Hedlund, Jordan Hedlund, Noah Hoehn, & Tommy Barbarella.  Special thanks to Rick Rosow for the photos and Fred Vagle for the video.